Japan-Tokyo Activities

Japans capital city is a sprawling urban metropolis, home to millions. With so much to see and do, how do you pack it all into one Tokyo vacation?

The sightseeing possibilities are endless. Start with a trip to Tokyo Tower, a broadcast tower with the familiar silhouette of Paris Eiffel Tower. Here, youll get a birds-eye view of Tokyo from 500 feet above street level. Stroll through a quiet forest of cedars to reach the peaceful Meiji Shrine, marveling at the tall, square torii gates overhead as you pass. Visit Senso-ji, a sprawling Buddhist temple complex first established in the 7th century, and walk down the lively Nakamise, where you can take home traditional handicrafts and souvenirs to remember your Tokyo vacation.

Shopping in Tokyo is an experience that cant be missed. Discover this for yourself, whether youre searching for the hottest designers in Ginza, browsing hard-to-find electronics in Akihabara or sampling the worlds freshest sushi at the sprawling Tsukiji Fish Market.

Tokyos central location makes it a perfect place for day trips throughout Japan. Popular getaway destinations like scenic mountain Hakone and beachy Enoshima Island are a great way to see Japan beyond the skyscrapers and lights of the big city.