Caribbean-Dominican Republic Activities

The Dominican Republic is a favorite Caribbean destination for many reasons, not the least of which is its magnificent beaches. Its a destination equally enjoyed by couples and families, and Pleasant Activities offers a host of entertaining activities and excursions no matter what your age and stomach for adventure.

Take in the beauty of the islands from the air on a helicopter tour. Board a pirate ship and embark on a quest to find a hidden treasure, encountering sharks, stingrays and other creatures of the deep en route. Take a thrilling ride on the beach on horseback or ATV, or race along the coastline in a speedboat.

A selection of unique tours and excursions will take you beyond the islands beautiful beaches and resorts, to give you a true flavor of the culture and people. Tour a cigar factory and a quaint fishing village. Drive through a sugarcane plantation and visit a local school. Pleasant Activities can help you book all these adventures and more.